The joint cargo transportation is our strong point
The joint cargo transportation is our strong point. In the shortest terms we'll transport your cargo  from any state of western Europe, Belarus, Russia, Kazahstan,or Ukraine  to any country of CIS...

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The transportation of outsize and hazardous cargoes
We guarantee a prompt and safe transportation of outsize and hazardous cargoes from/to european countries to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of CIS. For transportation we acce...

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The transportation of highly priced cargoes
A well-organized cooperation with customs carriers gives us a possibility to transport high priced cargoes without an additional convoy escort , delivering the cargoes to unspecified numbers of custom...

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The transportation of bulk and construction cargoes
Our company is known for a long-term  experience in transportation of bulk cargoes, such as scree, sand, mineral filler, lime carbonate, cement, noddle , as well as in construction supplies transpor...

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Transportation of low-tonnage cargoes
Due to the small amount of highly priced cargoes the transportation in the assembly is not always avilable. It can be determined by the special characteristics of the cargo, that requires a limited nu...

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Cargoes, requiring temperature-controlled conditions
Frequently cargoes with specific characteristics require maintaining a constant positive or negative temperatures. Usually it applies to food, perfumery, alcohol, medical , pharmaceutical and veterina...

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BT Arise Typography

Виды грузоперевозок осуществляемые нами:

·         Перевозка сборных грузов

·         Перевозка негабаритных и опасных грузов

·         Перевозка дорогостоящих грузов

·         Перевозка сыпучих и строительных грузов

·         Перевозка малотоннажных грузов

·         Перевозки грузов, требующих соблюдения температурного режима